About Us

We live in technology, so we know what we need!

The first step in 3D printing is to have an .stl or .obj file. There are several websites that offer models in this format - some paid and others free. However, the vast majority of free files are not optimized for printing: they are just models found on the internet, with no preparation or concern with the requirements for printing.

On the other hand, paid files are prepared with the correct widths, built in parts to reduce the use of supports and in positions designed to optimize printing. But they are usually very expensive ...

In fact, the modeling process is expensive. To model a character, it takes many hours of good professionals. And this means that the modeler has no interest in putting a model up for sale at a low price, because if he does not make a good number of sales, he will have a loss.

In compensation, the buyer who wants to resell the printed model does not want to pay dearly, since, calculating the cost of the filament + electricity + painting hours added to the high value of a .stl, the price of the product is not viable. This also applies to those who wish to have the model for personal use only.

And that's when we came!

CO- is a prefix for "coming together". In Portuguese, "approximation" or, literally, "coming together". CO3D means that we will come together to make a 3D project possible!

Let's make the models we want, with quality and fair price! But don’t worry! The modeler will win exactly what he wants. ;)

Find 3D models at the best price! If what you are looking for is not available, place a modeling order. With a crowdfunding it's pretty cheap! The best are here. The best files for 3D printing in the world. Stl models divided into parts to facilitate 3D printing. All kinds of characters, decoration, cosplay, prosthetics, pieces. Quality in 3D printing. Affordable 3D models. Low cost. Collective purchases of 3D files.

As described in the terms of commitment, after the delivery and the positive return of the files, it will not be possible to return the value, due to the consumable characteristic.