Modeling, 3D printing and painting


Models available in CO3D

teamed up once again to do a contest like you've never seen: modeling, 3D printing and painting!

Nearly $2,000 in prizes

Part 1: 3D Modeling


The top three places will win incredible prizes!

XPPEN Artist 12 (2nd gen)

Artist 12 (2nd Gen)

XPPEN Deco Fun L

XPPEN Deco Fun L

XPPEN Deco Fun S

XPPEN Deco Fun S

Part 2: 3D Printing and Painting


There will be SIX awards! One for each category!



Ender-2 PRO

Ender-2 PRO

Dry box

Dry box

Leveling sensor Bltouch

Leveling sensor Bltouch


500g resin


1kg filament

The prizes will be randomly divided for each of the categories: Humans, Monsters, Anime/cartoon, Robots(hard surface), Chibi/miniature and Masterpiece.


Take a look at this cast!

Ana Carolina Pereira

Ana Carolina Pereira

3D artist, game dev and official streamer @maxonzbrush ZbrushLIVE
Andre Castro

Andre Castro

Digital sculptor for video games/collectibles and co-founder of @criptastudios
Bruno Camara

Bruno Camara

Founder of Savage Art Academy and reference sculptor with very high level projects
Marko Miladinović / Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Marko Miladinović / Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Creators of Craftworld Studio. Miniature Artists.
Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Márcia Georgina

Painter at Loot Studios, specialist in collectibles


Supporters play a crucial role in the contest, providing freebies for the weekly sweepstakes, sending gifts to the judges and in addition to supporting the promotion.


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You still have any questions? Maybe our FAQ can help you

A - Part 1: Until 23:59 on August 29. Part 2: Until 11:59 p.m. on September 25th. (Brasília time - GMT-3)

R. Yes. The most important thing is the result.'

R. Yes. You can modify the stl with minor adjustments. Extra features such as grams and small details that don't come out in prints are also allowed.

R - No. You send only the photos you will take of your finished statue.

A - Each judge can use their discretion, but we will suggest a few points. Part 1: Presentation of the renders, details and creativity. Part 2: Colors, Composition, Technique and creativity.

A - For the printing and painting part, you can participate with your own model or one acquired at CO3D. If it is a model of its own, it must be available for sale at CO3D.

R. Yes.

R - No. Only if he possesses a character in evidence.

A - For part 1, there is no limit. For part 2, we suggest a scale in which the final model is between 10cm and 40cm. Very small models can make details difficult. Very large models consume more time and material.

R - No. Only models purchased within the CO3D, in the participant's account, will be valid.

A - For modeling, this is part of the presentation work. For printing and painting, only filters and minor corrections will be allowed. Any manipulation and modification, such as inclusion of non-existent items or anything that can be considered cheating, when found, the model will be disqualified.

A - Yes, you can pre-enroll and secure your spot! Click the 'Pre-enroll' button above and fill in the template you will make if you have already defined it (optional).

A - First make your pre-registration by clicking on the 'MAKE YOUR PRE-REGISTRATION' button above and filling in the template you will make. After confirming the pre-registration, click on the 'SUBMIT MY PARTICIPATION' button and upload the images.

A - Yes, you can submit more than one entry, but only compete for one prize.


No. The model needs to be made exclusively for this contest. For the second stage, you use a template that you have already purchased, but you must make a new impression.

Yes. If your model is from more than one category, you can participate in more than one with the same model.

Yes. The winning model of the 'Masterpiece' category necessarily needs to be the winner of at least one of the other categories.

Your model needs to be part of some movie, series, game, or entertainment product released this year. We'll give you some tips during the week and in the emails, but if you're not sure, contact us and ask if the template is valid.

Find 3D models at the best price! If what you are looking for is not available, place a modeling order. With a crowdfunding it's pretty cheap! The best are here. The best files for 3D printing in the world. Stl models divided into parts to facilitate 3D printing. All kinds of characters, decoration, cosplay, prosthetics, pieces. Quality in 3D printing. Affordable 3D models. Low cost. Collective purchases of 3D files.

As described in the terms of commitment, after the delivery and the positive return of the files, it will not be possible to return the value, due to the consumable characteristic.