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The value stipulated by the modeler / organizer for the quotas represents the minimum necessary for the project to go into production. If the crowdfunding does not reach the determined value, the project is canceled. But, if the collection exceeds the expected, the amount is directed to the modeler, with the deduction of the administrative fees of CO3D.

Yes. Just register the model and select 'I am / will be the modeler'. Thus, you can manage the entire collection of the crowdfunding yourself.

With 24 hours to go before the crowdfunding closes, we will send an email to all participants, informing them of the time remaining to complete the collection. That way, if they want, the participants will be able to buy more quotas to help in the completion of the crowdfunding. If, still, the crowdfunding does not reach the required number, you get your invested quotas back.

Yes. The inclusion of finished models is allowed, if you have been the author of the model. If you were just the project organizer, inclusion will be allowed with the modeler's awareness. Under no circumstances can Models purchased from other sites be resold at CO3D.

In this case, when receiving the photos of the finished model, you must go to your account menu to inform that you did not like the result. You will have 2 (two) days to do this. See more information on the "How it works" page or in the "Terms and privacy policies".

If the model files are not within the rules outlined in the "Terms and privacy policies", you will have up to 2 (two) days to report a problem, accessing the "My account" menu. Soon after, CO3D will mediate the case. See more information on the "How it works" page or in the "Terms and privacy policies".

If the model files are not within the rules outlined in the "Terms and privacy policies", you will have up to 2 (two) days to report a problem, accessing the "My account" menu. Soon after, CO3D will mediate the case. See more information on the "How it works" page or in the "Terms and privacy policies".

In this case, you can request the intermediation of CO3D. We will analyze the case to solve the problem.

In this case, you can contact us to try to negotiate something with the modeler. However, it is important to emphasize that we will have the understanding of the modeler, who is not obliged to resolve complaints made after the specified time.

All fees are already included in the quota value presented on the crowdfunding or in the finished model. Thus, you will have no surprises at the time of payment.

When registering a model, you must determine a sales value. This is the exact amount you will receive at the end of the kit, so there is no need to make calculations over fees. You just won't receive the amount determined in the crowdfunding's register, in case you don't collect enough, but, even so, you decide to take the project forward. When withdrawing, PayPal charges specific fees to make your withdrawal if you do not have a TED option available. To learn more about the withdrawal, check the fees directly with PayPal.

At the moment, no. We are working on this functionality. For now, before finding a modeler, it is only possible to collect likes on a model order. Likes show interest in the order, but do not generate revenue.

It is possible to purchase more than one quota in order to accelerate the start of a project or to prevent a project from being canceled due to lack of participants. As a benefit, for each quota purchased, you earn a vote on the validation (approval or disapproval) of the model. That is, if you have purchased 5 (five) quotas of a model, your vote is worth 5x times the vote of those who bought only one quota.

For security reasons, CO3D does not allow edits to a model. If you have just registered, delete and upload again. But, if the model is already in progress, with likes and / or participants, please contact us. We will do an evaluation of your edit order and make the correction for you. Editing will only be allowed in the following cases: misspellings, forgetting relevant content for the model, photos sent by mistake.

As stated in our "Privacy Terms and Policies", CO3D repudiates the free distribution of files sold on the website, but refrains from any responsibility should the fact occur. Those responsible for such an attitude, entitled "file leakage", will be punished within the system and may face legal action.

CO3D acts as a bridge between the buyer and the seller, just like eBay. The sale price of a model goes to the buyer, with only a few transaction fees from the payment method and charges from CO3D. Therefore, the modeler assumes responsibility for the item sold and must have the necessary rights and authorizations.

Whenever a transaction occurs on the website, the payment method charges a percentage. We are unable to refund this percentage, as campaigns last at least 30 days and the maximum return period is less than 7. When we refund the value of an unsuccessful campaign to the site, we are offering the chance to participate in other campaigns without having to spend through the payment method again. That is, the real value you have on the website is the price of the quota, minus the transaction fee of the payment method. Therefore, when you request a transfer, we send only the amount you actually have on the site.

As the money in your account comes from several different purchase dates, the value of each quota is released, individually, 30 days after the payment date. This is done to make the value of the payment method fees feasible, which directly reflects the value of the project on the website. You can request the withdrawal of the released amount at any time. You receive within 48 hours.

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As described in the terms of commitment, after the delivery and the positive return of the files, it will not be possible to return the value, due to the consumable characteristic.